About BCSG

     I created BCSG with the understanding not everyone can afford full prices on outdoor gear, myself included, so I set out to come up with a market where people can purchase brand name gear at affordable pricing.  Just like many, I grew up enjoying the outdoors, but as time has continued on, prices have continued to rise, making it difficult to find affordable gear.  Hopefully, with this new store, and with your help, we can continue to grow and offer more products with time.  If there are additional items you'd like to see us carry, email us at sales@bluecollarsportinggoods.com.

     At BCSG, we pride ourselves with customer satisfaction.  Even though times have changed, we still believe that a person is only has good as their word, and we believe that a deal can be made with a handshake.  If we ever fail to live up to your satisfaction, contact me immediately so that we can address the issue.This online store is also a store for Reed Rods. Be sure to check out our Reed Rods website to learn more about our custom rods.

     Again, if we can do anything to serve you better in your adventures outdoors, please let us know at sales@bluecollarsportinggoods.com.


Thank you,
Jeremy W. Reed
Reed Rods dba BCSG