About Magic Marble Paint by C.Kreul

Magic Marble Paint is fun, easy to use and works with plain tap water. You can use Magic Marble for creative marbling effects on wood, glass, plastics, paper, stoneware, terracotta, wax, polystyrene foam...and more.

  • Over 30 Colors with outstanding shine and brilliance

  • 1 oz bottles with dropper tip for easy and accurate work

  • 9 metallic and 2 glitter colors available

  • fast drying time

How is Magic Marble paint different from other marbleizing products?

Magic Marble is the only marbling paint that works with plain tap water. Unlike other marbling paints, there are no harmful chemicals to add. Magic Marble paints are simple to use and safe when used according to the directions.

All you need to achieve fantastic marbling effects is Magic Marble paint, a bucket, a stick for swirling the paint, and water. You can create endless unique color combinations and designs by combining the 30+ beautiful stock colors. You can even mix your own custom colors. Magic Marble is the easiest and best product on the market today for creating customized marble effects on many different types of surfaces.


Here are some videos showing what you can do with Magic Marble Paint.

Reed Rods

Arts and Crafts