First Post - Custom Rod Builds and Grips January 28 2014

     Thank you for visiting the site.  If there are additional products you'd like to see carried, just let me know and we will work on getting it available.  I've been getting questions about custom rod builds and custom grips.  So, I'll do my best to answer those questions.

  1. How do I get a custom fishing rod?

    Contact me at either or to start the process.  The initial process involves a discussion of what you're fishing for, what technique, and what type of weight and bait you'll be using.  From there, we will discuss handle and reel seat configurations, guide layouts, guides, thread colors, etc.  I will work a rough estimate up and send you that price by email.  The price may be subject to change if component prices change.  The estimate will include a choice of 2-3 blanks to help fit your price range.

    If you decide to purchase a custom rod, 50% of the estimate is due before anything ordered.  Once the money is received, work will begin on the rod.  Typically, my turnaround on a new rod is 1-2 months.  Once the rod is complete, the remaining balance of the rod will be due.  

  2. How do I get a custom cork or Mad-Swirl grip?

    I will post products every Sunday (that's my goal) on the online store, and this will include grips I have turned during the week.  A custom ordered grip will take 1-2 weeks depending on what all I have going at the time and if I have the material on hand.  I turn all the grips myself.  I also do all the required steps myself on my signature Mad-Swirl Grips.  Occasionally, I may use a premade cork grip or may buy foam already in a core that needs shaping, but this will be noted in the description and/or discussed when the custom order is made.  For Mad-Swirl grips, pricing will be around $3-$4/inch.  Cork will vary depending on the grade of cork used.

Hopefully this helped answer some questions.  If you have any questions, send them to use at  


Take care,

Jeremy W. Reed