Custom Cork and Mad-Swirl Fishing Rod Grips

Handcrafted by Jeremy Reed of Reed Rods, these custom grips will set you apart from the crowd.  Reed Rods is the first to apply and perfect the Mad-Swirl in rod building.  The Mad-Swirl grips will be over rigid pour foam, cork, or eva, as noted in the grips description.  They will also feature 1+ protective coats.  Choose from the grips that we have in stock or send custom requests to  Custom cork grips, carbon fiber, and eva grips are available.

Custom grips can be used on factory rods.  To do so, the rear grips will need to be removed, and the inside and outside diameter of the reel seat will need to be measured and matched up to the correct grip. Here is a link to Reed Rods Facebook page with a tutorial on stripping a grip off a rod  

Check out Reed Rods signature Mad-Swirl grips.  For custom orders contact us at to make your order.

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