Magic Marble Paint - Metallic and Glitter Colors $8.99

$ 8.99

Metallic Paints


For a metallic sheen and real "Wow!" effect, try out one of our metallic paints.

We offer basic silver, gold and copper metallic finishes, and 6 metallic colors.

The six metallic colors: metallic red, metallic blue, metallic yellow, metallic green, metallic violet and metallic rose are available in a boxed set.


Glitter Paints

Glitter paints are available in silver or gold.

These specialty paints have sparkling flecks of gold or silver suspended in a colorless base. We recommend combining a glitter paint with standard colors to give a festive holiday effect.


Colors must be selected in the drop down menu.  Clicking on the picture of the color will not select that color.  

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